Our Initiatives

  • The Dream Community brings people together to find solutions which strengthen the greater community.
  • A support network utilizes volunteers from the business community and community stakeholders on behalf of at-risk and vulnerable youth.
    The center provides leadership conferences, followed by special Round Tables to guide youth to set and reach goals regarding personal development.
  • We provide both guidance and referral to human services in Greater Binghamton.
  • The development of a services resource center is underway.
  • Our center provides leadership studies and training, combined with motivational and hands-on training for business and faith communities who wish to serve the vulnerable.
  • We sponsor public forums to bring community leaders together to dialogue strategies to better cooperate and impact the city/communities for good.
  • We are privately funded through grants and fundraising.
  • We serve as a catalyst to encourage affluent faith communities to provide resources to faith communities made up of low-income persons.

To date all the activities of The Dream Community have been funded by Calvary Community Wesleyan Church, Inc. and individual participants and volunteers directly.