Vital Partnerships Coming Together!

Since its inception, THE DREAM COMMUNITY has been in contact with other like-minded organizations and churches to begin addressing some of the pressing needs within the community.


THE DREAM COMMUNITY is in cooperative dialogue regarding practical steps that will make a positive difference for the citizens of the Greater Binghamton community.


To accomplish its mission, THE DREAM COMMUNITY is working on several levels:


  • Live2Lead (a leadership/management level conference from the John Maxwell Company) offered by simulcast to business, educational and community leaders each year. This is a significant opportunity to build leadership skills within the educational and business spheres of our community.


  • Brilliant Resilience – A Leadership Development Program for High School students. The effort includes a leadership intensive for selected juniors and seniors from a number of area school districts. Out of the intensive, smaller weekly roundtables will be offered  providing six weeks of ongoing mentoring and application. We are pleased to have received a grant from “The Broome County Project and the Broome County Youth Bureau.”


  • The Dream Community works with a collaboration of churches, clergy, concerned individuals, business and community leaders. We represent leaders from many spheres of influence and a variety of denominational, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


Our hope is to lift the collective well-being of our residents. As such, the collaboration works with business, government, education, non-profits, and law enforcement to seek a rising tide of PEACE and PROSPERITY for the region.